Valve Showcases Vive Controller Prototype

A newly designed prototype was released yesterday at the Valve’s Steam Dev Days event . Participants gets to see Valves Vive Touch Controller model which is somewhat resembling to Oculus’ forthcoming Touch controllers.

Valves new design seems to address the flaws of its current wand-shaped Pre controllers, that’s needs to be gripped at all times, with finer movements like gripping objects controlled by trigger presses, now you can be assured that this time with the new designed prototype that hand presence will be highlighted. Gamers will have the capability to open and close your hand, a more thorough mock-up of movements and it is shaped to the hand resting to the users palm for a better-quality grip.

“The hand strap not only looks cool and power glove-y, but looks more secure than the Oculus. Now I haven’t used either, but from the pictures, this is the one I’d pick up and try first. Still not sure why they haven’t learned no one wants their touch discs.”

Steam Dev Days events attendees are thrilled with the new Prototype, but Valve hasn’t announced out any release date yet for the rest of us.